Get Major Discounts on At-Home Meal Prep Delivery Services

Meal delivery services have become a huge trend these days since they’re helping people save both time and money. (We found ourselves eating healthier, too!)

If you simply don’t have time to go grocery shopping, these companies that make it so you don’t have to. Plus, you won’t find yourself overspending on impulsive snack purchases either. You also don’t have to overstock your pantry full of spices, seasonings, and other items you won’t frequently use.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

You know what sounds even nicer though? Getting a big discount on your first box!

Discounted Meal Prep

In our house, we’ve prepared meals from several of these services and have been quite satisfied. Not only did we try new things, we learned new techniques we’ll continue putting to use in the future.

What we didn’t know, however, is that we could have saved a significant amount of money on first few deliveries. If we’d used Complete Meal Delivery when we first signed up, those boxes would have been much cheaper.


Meal Prep Made Easy

Companies like Hello Fresh and Home Chef take all the guesswork out of making dinner. And if you’re not a great cook, they provide plenty of great learning experiences, too.

For every box of fresh groceries you receive, you’ll also get step-by-step instructions for how to prepare a delicious meal.

Of course, there are countless options available – so, how do you choose which meal delivery service is right for you? Which one is the best? And how can you get a discount code your first order?

Once again, Complete Meal Delivery is a great place to start. Not only does it rate all the top options, it also helps you ensure you’ll score major savings on your first box.

A Few of Our Favorites

We’ve personally tried Home Chef, Martha & Marley Spoon, Hello Fresh, and Sunbasket.

With Sunbasket, we found there were lots of options to satisfy various health requirements. It certainly came in handy when we had family visiting that required diabetes-friendly meals.

Home Chef has been a longtime favorite of ours since they offer tons of diverse options and great customer support.

Martha & Marley Spoon seemed the most exotic when we tried it. We learned about all sorts of new ingredients we’d never tried, yet the recipes were still really easy to prepare.

When it came to Hello Fresh, one thing we liked was the ability to splurge on premium recipes. For a little upcharge, they’ve offer delicacies like lobster ravioli and mouthwatering steaks.

Others On the List

Though those we reviewed above are the only ones we’ve tried from Complete Meal Delivery’s list, we’re definitely not done. With these discounts available, there’s no denying we’re inspired to try some of the others now as well.

Have you been considering trying a meal delivery service? If you’ve been on the fence, we highly recommend the ones we’ve tried.