Spruce Up Your Landscaping for Scary Cheap!


You can have a gorgeous backyard oasis on a tight budget. If you don’t mind putting in the work, you may be able to create your oasis spending no money at all. We’ll show you how to save money and find free or cheap landscape materials.

Get it Free

You can find bricks, rock, pavers, established plants and trees all the time – for free! As people buy new homes or want to upgrade their own landscaping, they often publish the items free. It saves them money and a lot of work by having someone remove the materials, trees or plants and haul them off. In exchange for removing the items, you take them for free.

This obviously takes some work, more than if you went and just bought a truckload of material, but it’s free. One of the most popular places you can find materials right around you is NextDoor, which is a site and app that connects neighbors. Another great place to check is Craigslist in the “For Sale – FREE” category.

Get it Cheaper

If you need quite a bit of soil, dirt, rock or mulch – don’t buy it by the bag. Instead, head to your local landscape supply company where you can buy it by the yard. If you don’t have a truck, they’ll deliver for a fee and dump it right where you want. I needed to fill a garden bed that was 8 feet x 5 feet about 1 foot in depth. This required 40 cubic square feet of soil.

Going to my local home improvement store or Walmart and buying large bags which only come in 2 to 3 cubic feet I would need between 13 -15 bags. At an average price of $7.00 per bag the cost would be right around $100.00. Instead, I went to my local landscape supply company and bought a ready to plant mix which is pre-mixed soil, sand and mulch.

Total cost was only $30.00. Even if I had them deliver for an extra $25.00 it still would have been ½ the price over buying it by the bag.

If you can’t take all of it at once they will mark your receipt with each load. You can get creative and have them fill totes or large trash bins if you don’t have a truck. If you have a trailer, get a contractor bag and have them dump directly into it to keep dirt from falling through the cracks.