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The coronavirus pandemic will change the way we shop and GrubMarket is ramping up to deliver. Many food distribution businesses sell either directly to businesses, or directly to consumers – rarely do they do both.

GrubMarket is already available in select areas and they are expanding rapidly. When the virus is contained, both consumers and restaurants will be more conscientious of where their food comes from.

GrubMarket is filling the gap by bringing farm fresh foods directly to consumers and restaurants. During the past six months, GrubMarket has acquired numerous farms, distribution companies, and organic food logistics firms.

Potential Savings

GrubMarket is cutting out the middle-man which means big savings for consumers on farm-fresh foods. In the areas they are currently operating, they tout a savings of up to 50% compared to grocery store prices.

We took a look at their offerings in San Franciso and found unbelievable prices on locally-grown produce and more. Aside from delivering the food directly to your door, they are providing farmers a way to get online without the need for their own e-commerce platform.

What Can You Buy

If you are one of the lucky areas where GrubMarket is already operating, you can find more than just farm-fresh produce. For produce, you can shop organic with a click of a button, or buy non-organic. They also offer pantry staples like pasta, honey, oils, and more.

Get locally-grown, fresh dairy and eggs, meat and fish, drinks, snacks, baked goods, and prepared foods. GrubMarket is making it easy to support your local farmers and shop by diet and preferences.

Through the GrubMarket app, you can shop by category, or by your preferred diet. Shop vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and paleo foods with the click of a button. Aside from food, they also have a huge selection of recycled home goods including paper towels, compostable straws, kitchen bags, and one-time use dinnerware.

Shop Local and Save

The best part about GrubMarket is not only the convenience but knowing that I’m supporting a locally-owned business. I also know exactly where my food comes from and that I’m getting the best value and quality for my buck.

How to Sign Up

Although GrubMarket is only available in certain areas right now, you can sign up to be notified when they launch operations in your zip code. Simply download the GrubMarket app or visit GrubMarket online and enter your zip code.

If they are already serving your area, you can start shopping right away. If they are not, you’ll be prompted to enter your email address to get notified when they begin deliveries in your area.