How to Save More on Everything

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With unemployment rates at the highest level since The Great Depression, it’s more important than ever to save on everything you buy. Even for those not unemployed, the state of the economy should have you looking between every nook and cranny for savings.

The great news is, there are ways to save on virtually everything you buy. Before you shop, do these things to save more.

Sign Up for Deals

Before you buy from any restaurant, retailer, or grocery store, sign up for their newsletters and download their app if they have one. Many of them will offer you a coupon with additional savings just for signing up or a new member discount.

For newsletter signups, it only takes a moment and you can create a free email account at Google, Yahoo, and more if you don’t want to fill up your regular email address with offers. Download merchant’s apps and you’ll find savings right on your mobile device.

Pay Less – Guaranteed

There’s also a sure-fire way to pay less at your favorite stores, restaurants, and more. Buy reduced-price gift cards redeemable at your favorite places. and are two great sites to keep an eye on.

These sites specialize in selling reduced price gift cards and individuals turn to these sites to sell their unwanted gift cards at a reduced price.

If you’ve ever gotten a gift card from someone that’s still sitting in your drawer unused, you get the idea. These sites allow people to sell their unwanted cards directly to others. Get a $500 card for around $450 or purchase someone’s leftover balance for less.

Cash Back Credit Cards, Rewards, and More

Sign up for the retailer’s rewards program if they have one and you’ll earn free bucks towards future purchases. You can also shop using cashback credit cards. Combine all these savings tips and you’ll pay less – and get money back!