Spring Coupons to Help You Save

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Spring is almost here and if you know what coupons to look for you can save a ton of money. From cleaning supplies to food savings these are the best coupons you’ll find. Some savings and coupons are based on Spring holidays including Easter and Memorial Day.

Avocado Coupons

If you didn’t think coupons ever came out for avocados, think again. It’s rare, but it does happen, and you need to know when and where to look for them. They’ve generally been posted on Coupons.com offering $2.00 cash back. If you have a coupon and find avocados at a good price, you may even get free avocados when they launch these deals!

Also, keep an eye out in the SavingsStar. It’s a rebate app which you can link to your store’s loyalty cards and get cash back for any rebates you find. These generally come out right around the end of April just before Cinco De Mayo.

National Cereal Month

March is National Cereal Month which means you’ll find excellent coupons throughout the month of March on just about any brand of cereal you like. General Mills, Kellogg’s and Post cereals will all offer coupons and sales in your local store.

You can look for coupons in the Sunday paper, online and on the manufacturer’s sites to combine with in-store savings.

Spring Cleaning

Along with Spring comes Spring cleaning which means you can save a ton on cleaning supplies. These are items you can stock up on for the entire year which means it’s not just Spring savings. The coupons and store sales will start happening at the beginning of April. Combine coupons with in-store savings and rebate apps you’ll save big.

Hershey’s, Cadbury and Reese’s

Right about now you’ll find candy coupons since Easter is just the corner. Every year we see coupons from Hershey’s, Cadbury and Reese’s. Be sure to check for online coupons as well as store coupons at your local grocer, Walgreens, CVS or other drugstores.

Allergy Medicine

Spring also brings the dreaded seasonal allergies to millions of people. If you rely on allergy medications to keep you comfortable, Spring is the time to buy it. You’ll find deep discounts, sometimes as much as 50% off or buy one get one deals. The coupons are generally high-value coupons offering as much as $10.00 off or more.