Year after year, there is a seasonal change in burglary statistics. In the spring, burglaries have historically gone up about 3% over winter and will go up 11% by summer. While you are doing your spring cleanup and spring maintenance, use these money saving tips to secure your home.

Window & Door Security

The locks that generally come with windows are generally not as effective as a ‘pin lock’. Pin locks can be purchased for about $8.00 which usually includes 8 locks per package. They are very simple to install and make it much more difficult for intruders to gain entry without actually breaking the glass of the window.

You can also purchase window and door alarms that do not require any wiring at all. Burglars hate attention more than anything and a screeching alarm will give them just that. Most of them work with sensors which sense when the window or door has opened. They come with a built-in alarm which is extremely loud and will sound when the sensors detect a break in.

Lights, Lights, Lights!

During your spring cleaning, check all of your outdoor lights to ensure they are in working order and don’t need new bulbs. If you do not have lights – or enough light, it’s a great time to put a few more in. There are so many options including battery-powered, solar powered that do not require wiring and you can get them at an affordable price.

Although most break-ins occur during the day, having lights around your home will deter burglars. Motion lights are the best option as they will startle the burglar and potentially alert you or your dog as well to activity if you see the light activate.

Remove Easy Access

Check the perimeter of your home for items a burglar could use to gain easy access to your home. For instance, a ladder stored on the side of your house could easily be used to enter an open window on a 2nd floor. A hammer or tools laying around can be used to break in locked doors. Clean up and remove any items that would allow a burglar easy access.