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I’m not normally a proponent of shopping when you’re hungry, but Costco is the one place you can get away with it. As long as you don’t fill your cart before you take advantage of their free food samples, you can get free food without spending more because you are hungry.

Costco stopped offering free food samples to better ensure the safety of employees and shoppers during the coronavirus. They’ve recently announced they’ll be bringing them back in the next few weeks!

In effort to continue ensuring the safety of everyone, there will be a few changes.

What to Expect

Costco has been one of the most responsible big-box retailers in the world during the coronavirus pandemic. They are requiring patrons to wear a mask to prevent the spread of the virus, among other safety precautions they’ve put into place.

They were among the first to take a stand against people stock piling items and have remained focused in their efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Rest assured they are continuing to be responsible as they start rolling out food samples again. According to Costco’s Chief Financial Official, Richard Galanti, samples will return mid-June.

Although he did not go into detail on what you can expect, you won’t be able to just walk up and pick up open samples. They plan to get a little creative but have assured customers that free samples are returning.

Why Samples Are Important

Food and product sampling have always been an integral part of the Costco shopping experience. By offering free samples, they can not only build customer loyalty but also make more sales.

Samples often lead to a sale and customers love anything free. As a loyal Costco shopper, I love the fact that I can try something before I buy it. The downside of shopping Costco is the amount of any one item you have to buy. They are a bulk wholesale club and I personally wouldn’t buy a ton of anything I’ve never even tried.

Free samples are truly a win-win for both the customer and Costco. Whether I buy the item or not, I absolutely love getting free snacks while I shop! Through free samples and product demonstrations, I’ve also discovered some of the products I love the most.

While we don’t know exactly how Costco plans to roll out their free samples, they’ve done a great job with everything else. I for one am excited about free samples coming back to Costco – even if they come with a creative twist!