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If you’ve even thought about buying a used car, right now is the time to buy. Hertz filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on May 22, and now they’ve launched a huge sale.

Choose from thousands of used cars at bargain prices. Due to the coronavirus, used car prices had already fallen, but the bankruptcy sale could still save you thousands more off of the market value.

Where to Shop

You can find the Hertz used cars for sale near you at The site allows you to filter by city, state, or zip code. You can also shop by distance: Seek cars anywhere within 10 miles and 1,000 miles of your location.

You can then search by a number of vehicle specifications including make, model, mileage, body style, price, and more.

In my local area, I found more than 3,500 cars available within 100 miles from me, and over 23,000 cars within 1,000 miles of Phoenix, AZ.

The Hertz fleet consists of about 700,000 vehicles, many selling well below market price. They are also offering financing and a rent-to-buy option. The rent-to-buy program lets you choose a car, try it for three days, and decide if you want to own it.

Hertz will also deliver a car directly to your door absolutely free up to 75 miles. Shop online and have your car delivered.

Shop Hertz Cars for Sale

How Much Can You Save?

I ran a few numbers and compared the Hertz No-Haggle Price with some of the Hertz Certified cars. Based on the dozen or so I looked at, the savings were between $1k and $7k. I used the current Kelly Blue Book Used-Certified price for each car in this research.

I also looked at a few high-end cars (like Corvettes) and found their selling price to be right about the same as the current market value. If you do your research, you can find incredible bargains on most cars, but there are some you might get a better price on by haggling at a dealer.

Another advantage to buying at Hertz is their Buy Back Guarantee program. If you decide you don’t like the car you purchased, Hertz will buy it back from you. You can get a refund, or pay the difference for a higher-priced car.

You will pay a $200 cleaning and recertification fee, but that’s better than being stuck with a car you don’t want! The repurchase price will be the amount you paid to purchase the vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about a value drop the moment you drive it off the lot (or have it delivered).