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If you’re tired of spending countless hours deciding whether or not to buy a product, Google may be able to help. They have just launched a new mobile web app that introduces consumers to new products – each one in 90 seconds or less.

The video-based shopping platform hopes to combine the way consumers use social media and e-commerce sites to simplify the buying process. By showing shoppers the products via video and allowing purchases in the same place, consumers can do their research and make a purchase.

Instead of heading to YouTube or Instagram to see how a product works, you can see it in action and click to buy.

Nothing New, But Useful Nonetheless

Ok, you might be thinking that Google isn’t the first one to combine videos with a shopping experience. You’re right. There are tons of other apps, companies, and platforms that are already doing it.

Google certainly isn’t the first one to bring the idea to the table, but the wealth of technology Google has could make them a front-runner.

What Exactly Does it Do?

The web app is similar to a combination of YouTube and TikTok. Watching a YouTube tutorial normally takes quite a bit of time after watching ads, and having the video maker get to the point. TikTok is normally quick short videos.

After you take out all the hype and ads, you get just the good stuff. The videos are short and sweet and give you the important information pertaining to a product.

If you see what you like, you simply click a link to buy the product. The link directs you to a site that sells the product being reviewed. Users can also follow their favorite Shoploop creators – and share their favorites with friends and family.

Currently, the product is still in somewhat of a trial, but still fully functional. Most of the current product videos are for makeup, skin, haircare, and nail products.

I sampled a few of the videos and they are informative, to the point, while showing me how to use the product and the end result. Each video answered a lot, if not all, the questions I would have if I were deciding whether or not to buy a product.

The best part – there are no ads!

How to Use

The new Google product has just launched so it is currently only available by using a mobile web browser. They do not have an app (yet) and do not have a desktop browser version available.

If you want to give it a try, simply open in a mobile browser. You’ll be presented with videos on the first page, as well as, categories you can choose from.