Easy Ways to Support Your Local Retail Businesses During COVID-19


It seems as if every day there is a new retail company laying off employees, announcing a bankruptcy, or shutting down stores.

COVID-19 has affected the retail business hard, to say the least, and though stores are doing their best to stay afloat, times are tough.

Local businesses are also deeply struggling, with many having to shut their doors for good. 

It’s more important now than ever to support the local businesses we love, as well as our favorite chain retailers so that they all can survive this trying time.

Read on to learn how you can support your favorite businesses, whether it be in-stores or online.

Buy Gift Cards

This may seem like a simple thing to do, but it could make the world of a difference for a business.

If there is a store you love in your area, take some time out of your day and go buy some gift cards. 

Whether you plan to use them at a later date, or you want to give them away as Christmas or birthday presents, this will help keep the business afloat.

Not to mention, it’ll make your life easier when you need a gift ASAP!

Share on Social Media

Word of mouth is the best way to share news, so get on your social media accounts and encourage people to support a local business you love.

Maybe you had a great experience at a local store or managed to find a piece of clothing you’ve been looking for, let your followers know!

Think About Future Events

It’s easy to put off shopping for a wedding that’s happening in eight months or a holiday get together, but take inventory of what you have coming up and consider buying your outfits now.

Not only will this prevent you from doing any last-minute panic shopping, but it will give these businesses sales when they need them the most.

Write a Review Online

If you’ve had a great experience at a local retail store, whether it be recently or in the past, take some time to write a kind review on Yelp, Facebook, or Google.

It may seem like a simple gesture, but that one review could encourage some other shopper to go to that store to grab whatever they are looking for.

Plus, it will help make the business look good and encourage the employees to keep going. So, go ahead, spread that kindness!