Rent the Runway Ending Unlimited Monthly Subscription


Rent the Runway is making some changes to their subscription service, and they’re happening ASAP.

The online clothing rental service announced on Thursday, September 17 that they’ll be canceling their “Unlimited Swap” subscription option and replacing it with new membership options. 

While it’s easy to assume these changes are happening due to COVID-19, the company revealed they were having issues with the Unlimited Swap service pre-pandemic.

Goodbye, Unlimited Swap

Unlimited Swap allowed subscribers to rent as many items as they wanted each month (though they could only get four items at a time) for $159 a month. 

However, according to the company, 70% of their Unlimited Swap users were renting fewer than eight items per month.

Now that they’re doing away with the service, they will be adding new plans to allow users to rent up to four, eight, or 16 items a month.

CEO Jenny Hyman shared the news in an open letter to members and explained this new structure will allow users to actually get more for their money.

“Next week, we are debuting a new membership structure that offers more customization and introduces some of our members’ most-requested features,” she wrote.

“With this evolution, the majority of our members will pay less for their membership.”

New Structure

However, those who are currently using the Unlimited Swap plan and are enjoying it will be able to continue doing so through early 2021. 

So, here are the new options for potential Rent the Runway users or current customers — the four-item plan is $89 a month, the eight-item plan is $135, and the 16-item plan is $199.

“We believe that when a member is in the right plan that matches their needs and budget, they’ll stay with us longer and keep renting — helping us on our mission to reduce clothing waste and build a better future for fashion,” Hyman shared.

Benefits of the New Plan

With these new plans in place, members will be able to create their next shipment before their returns are scanned back in. 

This will allow packages to get to users faster, so there’s less wait time.

Rent the Runway is also committed to reducing its carbon footprint, which means reducing the number of shipments per customer.

Consolidating shipments will be a focus for the company.

They will also give members a Free Fit Do-Over, which allows anyone the opportunity to receive a replacement shipment at no extra charge within the first two months.