Amazon Reveals Nearly 20K Workers Got COVID-19


Just hours before President Donald Trump revealed he tested positive for COVID-19, Amazon shared that 19,816 of their frontline employees have tested positive for the virus. 

This information was shared with the public via a blog post on Thursday, October 1, and detailed how the major company gathered data on over 1 million Amazon and Whole Foods Market employees.

Read on to learn more about the positive cases and how Amazon is responding. 

Amazon’s COVID-19 Analysis

Amazon shared in their blog post that they gathered information from their front-line employees between the dates of March 1 to September 19.

After completing their analysis, they believed they would have seen over 33,000 employees test positive. However, they revealed they only had 19,816.

“We compared COVID-19 case rates to the general population, as reported by Johns Hopkins University for the same period, accounting for geography and the age composition of our employees to make the data as accurate as possible,” they wrote.

“Based on this analysis, if the rate among Amazon and Whole Foods Market employees were the same as it is for the general population rate, we estimate that we would have seen 33,952 cases among our workforce.”

They continued, “In reality, 19,816 employees have tested positive or been presumed positive for COVID-19 — 42% lower than the expected number.”

Prime Day Coming Up

The news of the thousands of frontline workers who’ve tested positive also comes just a couple of days after Amazon announced their Prime Day for October 13 to October 14.

It’s unclear how the public will respond to the news that this many workers tested positive, but Amazon revealed they’re working to amp up testing to prevent employees from infecting others.

“And as we continue to ramp up testing, we’ll be able to identify more people who are asymptomatic, quickly contact trace, enforce our quarantine process, and help to remove people from the community so they can recover before they infect others,” they wrote.

UFCW is Not Happy

The UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers) International President, Marc Perrone, shared in an email statement that Amazon’s failed its consumers.

In fact, he called it “the most damning evidence we have seen that corporate America has completely failed to protect our country’s frontline workers in this pandemic.”

The UFCW union also wants “action by federal regulators and a full Congressional investigation.”

As Amazon deals with the blowback from this news, time will tell if other major companies share data on how they’ve managed to handle COVID-19 when it comes to their employees.