Keep it Comfy — Where to Find the Best Athleisure Wear


Though retail stores are slowly starting to gain business back and some people are returning to the office, there’s still a handful of us who will be working from home for the foreseeable future. 

Working from home has its downfalls, sure, but its main perk is that you can stay in comfortable clothing all day.

If you’re someone who can wear jeans or a dress while working from the comfort of your home, good for you, but that’s just not how I personally roll.

However, because I’ve been spending so much time at home, I’ve had to invest in some new pieces. 

If you’re also looking to add some new athleisure wear to your wardrobe, here are some places to check out.


Athleta is one of the few companies that has had a really good 2020, and that’s because so many people have been snatching up their products to get through quarantine. 

Athleta is a part of Gap Inc, which includes Gap, Old Navy, and the Banana Republic, so consumers know they are going to get good quality products and great prices.

They carry a variety of products and styles, so don’t have to worry about wearing the same boring leggings every single day. 


Yes, Lululemon is expensive. However, their leggings are really hard to beat.

Not only do they last forever (trust me, I’ve had a pair for five years), but they also feel amazing. 

If you’re someone who works out a lot or spends a lot of time in leggings outside of the home, it’s worth investing in this brand.

Old Navy

If you’re looking to get athleisure wear at a really inexpensive price, Old Navy is the spot for you.

Whether you’re looking for joggers, legging, tops, or jackets, you can most products for less than $50.

Plus, they are always having great sales or deals on their athletic wear, so it’s a smart place to go if you’re wanting to stock up on something in particular.


Zella is Nordstrom’s activewear brand and not only is it great quality, but the clothing is reasonably priced. In fact, most leggings range from $50 to $70.


JoyLab is Target’s new activewear brand, and let me tell you, they have some adorable pieces. 

Just like Old Navy, JoyLab doesn’t have anything that costs more than $50, so you’ll never feel guilty for spending too much on a sports bra or pair of leggings.