Nordstrom Releases COVID-19 Friendly Holiday Gift Guide


The holidays are just around the corner and retailers are busy trying to figure out how to best serve their customers this year.

Because of the global pandemic, not only are fewer people shopping in stores, but it’s safe to assume people will be less likely to drop a lot of money on gifts this year.

In order to retain customers and accommodate this new world we’re living in, Nordstrom released a holiday gift guide on Monday, October 19 that is aimed at dealing with the pandemic.

Read on to learn more about this gift guide and what it will mean for holiday shopping. 

Holiday Shopping is Beginning Soon

Though Nordstrom traditionally doesn’t decorate their stores for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, they recognize things will have to change this year.

People need more time to get their gifts and most don’t want to have to deal with big crowds.

In fact, the company is planning to start curbside delivery and gift-wrapping by the end of October.

Curbside Services

  • Get Online Orders Fast: Beginning on October 19 for in-store and curbside and November 2 for two-day delivery, customers in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C. can shop a wide selection to pick-up in-store or curbside. Cardmembers will get free two-day delivery in those cities.  
  • Curbside Surprise & Delight: Starting on October 19 and running through December 24, the first 50 customers to do Curbside Pickup will receive special offers and a surprise! Each week will feature a different gift. 
  • Extended Curbside Hours: Curbside hours will be extended beginning on October 26. 
  • Complimentary Gift Wrapping: Beginning on October 26 for curbside customers and November 6 for in-store, Nordstrom is offering complimentary gift-wrapping. 
  • Letters to Santa: Customers can correspond with Nordstrom’s Santa, either by writing him an email (beginning on October 29) or dropping off a letter (beginning on November 27). 

Make Merry Gift Shop

The Make Merry Gift Shop, which will be launching on October 26, will feature the best gifts available for under $100. 

The shop will feature a wide range of gifts and will focus on DIY activities since most of us will be spending a lot of time at home this holiday season.

Recycle Shopping Bags

In order to reduce waste, Nordstrom is giving shopping bags that can serve as another purpose. 

For example, medium bags can be transformed into origami, and large bags can be turned into gift tags, wrapping paper, or even tree decorations! Plus, all of the bags are 100% recyclable.


Nordstrom also offers virtual and in-person styling, which is great to use if you’re needing to find the perfect outfit for family pictures or a holiday party. Plus, it’s totally free!