Stocking Stuffers That Won’t Break the Bank


Christmas is less than two months away, and with so many retail businesses starting their Black Friday shopping in a few days, there’s no better time to gifts for your friends and family than right now!

And, while it may be easy to cross the big items off your list, it always seems like the stocking stuffers are the hardest things to find. 

So, in order to prevent you from having to scramble the last few days before Christmas, we’ve compiled a list of some great stocking stuffers that will keep you within your budget. 

Face Masks

If we were living in normal times we’d just be talking about skincare face masks, but because we’re living in unprecedented times we’re talking about medical face masks too!

In fact, why not get your family member or friend a skincare face mask and a medical facemask, so they can repair their skin after wearing a mask for hours during the day.

Plus, you can find both facemasks at your local drugstore or Target for less than $5.


It doesn’t matter who you are, every person has a favorite snack or candy. Think about the person you’re shopping for and grab them a treat you know they enjoy. 

This won’t cost you very much money and you know they’ll eat it. 


There’s a reason why everyone expects socks in their stockings every year and it’s because they’re fantastic gifts! 

We all lose socks, rub through our socks, or misplace them, so throw some in the stocking. They won’t go to waste.

Deck of Cards

A deck of cards costs a couple of bucks on Amazon and is a great addition to any stocking.

Not only can you play so many games with a deck of cards, but people always seem to misplace them.

Throw in Something Homemade

As a sweet and personal touch, throw something handmade into the stocking. 

Maybe you’re great at making jewelry, knitting scarves, or you found a sweet picture to frame… whatever it is, the person receiving the stocking will love it 100 times more because it’s made by you!

Where to Shop For Stocking Stuffers

The best place to find cheap stocking stuffers is in the dollar section of Target or in stores like Dollar Tree, Dollar General, or Five Below. 

Now, we don’t recommend just buying something because it’s $1, so make sure to ask yourself if the gift recipient would really appreciate the item. 

However, you can find some really amazing things in these stores that are sure to elevate your stocking game.