Tips For Safe Holiday Shopping During COVID-19


COVID-19 has really thrown a wrench into so many of our holiday plans. 

Remember when we used to celebrate the Christmas season in large groups, shop in crowded malls, and literally kiss strangers under the mistletoe? OK, I actually never did that, but people did!

Not only are we not kissing strangers this holiday season (actually, try to avoid kissing strangers throughout the year), but we’re all having to adjust our plans.

From canceling events to hunkering in our homes, experiencing the holiday season during a global pandemic will be tough. 

However, if you’re still planning on doing holiday shopping this year, we have a few tips that will hopefully keep you safe and healthy. 

Online Shop as Much as Possible

This is an obvious one, but utilize online shopping as much as you possibly can.

Yes, it’s more fun to shop in stores, as you can actually feel and try on the products, but this is a surefire way to keep you safe from contracting COVID-19. 

Amazon and other online retailers will become your best friend this holiday season, and that’s more than OK.

Call Ahead

If you do need to go shopping in stores, call ahead. Ask the store when they tend to be less busy throughout the day and try to go during that time period. 

While some stores are less busy in the mornings, others are less busy towards the end of the night. 

Not to mention, many stores have specific days of the week where they see less traffic.

Aim to shop during those times, not on Saturdays when they’re sure to be very busy.

No Wasted Trips

This may be a tough one to accomplish, but do your best to make as little trips to the store or mall as possible. 

Gather your list, write down where you’re planning to get each item, and try to get it all done in one fell swoop.

Shop Local, Not Chains

If you do want to go out and browse stores for gift inspiration, try to shop locally rather than at chain stores. 

Not only do local businesses really need our help during this time, but those stores are more likely to be less busy.

Get It Done Early

Everyone and their mother has probably been telling you this, but get your shopping done ASAP.

Do not wait until December 24 to go out and grab Christmas gifts, it’s just not worth it. 

Knock out your list as soon as you can and take advantage of the great deals happening right now across many stores.