Walmart Turns Parking Lots Into Contact-Free Event Spaces This Fall


The retail industry is having to find new ways to market themselves to shoppers amid COVID-19. 

Though consumers seem to be heading back into stores, the numbers just don’t compare to past years. 

Foot traffic is down in almost every mall in the United States and countless businesses are being forced to either file for bankruptcy or shut their doors for good.

However, there are a few companies that have found ways to have success and increase brand recognition amid the global pandemic, like Walmart. 

Read on to learn more about what they have planned.

Contact-Free Events

The major retail corporation has gotten creative during these uncertain times and has decided to turn their parking lots into entertainment zones for families who are looking to safely have fun.

In past years (when there hasn’t been COVID-19 to worry about) they have used their parking lot space for music concerts and other local events.

But, now that the pandemic has made us all aware of social distancing and staying away from crowds indoors, Walmart has decided to focus on fall events.

In fact, Walmart’s across the country will be hosting more than 140 football and Halloween contact-free events.

The company made the announcement in a blog post on Monday, October 12.

They also revealed they would hold a “Halloween Camp and hold a number of socially distanced trick-or-treat events for families in the area.

Tailgate Replacements

And, for six college towns in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Utah, and Wisconsin, Walmart is planning to host farmer’s market-style events to provide an alternative to tailgating. 

“We enjoyed bringing our drive-in concept to life for customers this summer,” Walmart Chief Marketing Officer William White said in a statement.

“We successfully reimagined what’s possible with our digital and physical footprint to bring communities joy in a year that’s been otherwise tough.”

He continued, “For many of us, football tailgates and Halloween parties are cornerstones of a great fall season. These additional events will give customers an opportunity to still celebrate the things they love, while staying safe.”

Potential For Future Events

Though Walmart’s only announced events for the fall, there is the potential to continue hosting safe events through the winter.

Of course, everything is dependent on weather, but Walmart could consider hosting a Holiday Mart with different local vendors.

This would be a fun activity for families to do together during the winter season and could also lead to Walmart attracting more Christmas shoppers.