Here’s What You Shouldn’t Buy on Black Friday


It’s very easy to fall into the Black Friday trap when it rolls around this time of year. With so many items on sale at such fantastic prices, it is so hard to say no. Who wouldn’t want a new vacuum that’s $100 off or two pairs of shoes for the price of one?

While it’s tempting to stock up your cart with anything and everything, there are some things that aren’t worth buying during Black Friday. We’re all for following your heart and doing what you want to do, but you don’t have to buy everything under the sun.

In fact, not everything that goes on sale during Black Friday is actually a good deal. Shocking, I know, but it’s the truth. Here are some items you should consider passing over this Black Friday.

Winter Clothing

Countless retailers put their winter clothes on sale during Black Friday, but the deals aren’t actually that good. Sure, if you’re looking for Christmas gifts take advantage of the discounts, but remember you’ll find better deals in January in February.

In fact, most retailers put all their winter clothing on super sale during the first few months of the new year.

Holiday Decorations

Yes, you’re probably putting up your Christmas tree as we speak, but don’t bother running out to grab new decorations now. Certain retailers have items “on sale,” but you’ll get the best deals in January after Christmas. Stock up on some new pieces in January 2021, your bank account will thank you later.

Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment is a popular Christmas gift, but you won’t find the best prices around Black Friday. Instead, try and wait until January. Most retailers put their exercise equipment on sale around that time because so many people make New Year’s resolutions to get fit. It sounds silly, but it’s true!

Games and Toys

Retailers will try and convince you that shopping for toys during Black Friday is the way to go, and while that may be true for the newest and hottest toys, you’ll find better deals in December.

In fact, the best deals on toys tend to pop up about two weeks before Christmas. Yes, it’s a little stressful to wait so close to Christmas to finish your gift list, but it might save you a chunk of change. 

Jewelry and Watches

Jewelry is a popular Christmas gift, but avoid buying it throughout the entire holiday season. November, December, and January are when the prices on jewelry and watches are actually at their highest, so try to buy your items earlier in the year.